Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hello from Chicago!

My co-founding team is all together in-person this week to work on build out team, decide on our next steps, and work on some conversations that are easier with the extra media richness. We also talked with a lawyer recommended to us for her experience with B-corps, and made a plan to get ready to file in January.

We seriously need to find a great name!

One of our co-founders was had some unforeseen life come up, but many hands made light work as we unloaded a truck into strorage. The silver lining is that not only were we able to provide some unexpected help when it was really needed, but also it gave us some extra time working together.


Of course it started snowing early this morning as I headed into the airport. My plane appears to be still on schedule though, so hopefully all goes well. I am anxious to be home and wrapping up deliverables for the next week.